DIY Eyelash Extensions

Our Made-You-Look ™ DIY synthetic lash extensions lash kits allow you to customize your lashes from the most natural to supremely dramatic, everyone can be your own lash queens in comfort of your own home.

  • Enhance Your Charm

    Thick, dark full of length and volume lashes all the time. It’s a 24/7 beauty fix that would require a touch up once every six weeks for upkeep.

  • Save Time & Money

    Eyelash extensions free you

    from the pressure of buying and applying costly beauty products daily which saves you time & miney in the long run.

  • Customizable Lashes Extensions

    Choose the look that suits you best. 

    here are various options available, and you do not have to opt for the thicker and fuller look if you aren’t comfortable.

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The BlushedZA Story

I’m Laaiqka Sukaih and the owner of Blushed Pty Ltd located in sunny South Africa. I have absolutely loved the beauty industry ever since I was in matric and the make-up artist made me feel like the princess I have always wanted to be. I want to be able to bring that same incredible feeling to other women in the comfort of their own home.

I took a leap of faith at the beginning of 2022 with Blushed when I had to leave a really toxic place (both physically and mentally). Blushed helped me to get out of there and helped me to explore a side of me that needed to come out. I wanted to bring convenience and luxury to all of Blushed users and offer them a wide variety of options.

How doesn’t love a good DIY beauty hack where it looks like you just treated yourself to a high-class treatment at some fancy salon or spa? We sure do!

At Blushed, we want to offer DIY beauty that people can have at home while chilling in their pjs. Our first product launch is our Made-You-Look ™ DIY synthetic lash extensions. These lashes can be applied in under 15 minutes to create your own custom lash look. We have a wide range of products such as the lash kit (a tray of 72 lash segments with 6 different sizes, lash glue, sealant, remover and 2 different sets of applicators), coloured lash palettes to add some fun to your look, lash care kits and so much more!

Although DIY lashes are not completely new to South Africa, we at Blushed wanted all of our Blushed users to create wonderful and fun looks where they could explore their creative side. This is why we introduced coloured DIY lash palettes.

We also show you how to create certain lash maps, how to take care of your lashes, to extend the wear of your lashes and much more information about the uses for our DIY products.

Our DIY lash care kits come with whatever you need to help maintain the longevity of our lashes and to assist in the application.